Looking for Care for a loved one?
Looking for Care for a loved one?

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Agency Staffing

Curant Care specialises in health care and nursing recruitment, supporting the private and public sector in delivering temporary staffing services with a responsive and flexible approach. We strive to only hire people who have the required knowledge, experience and ability to ensure our clients get the best standard of service they could ask for.

Our current clients encompass care and residential homes, charities, local authorities, private hospitals and GP surgeries. Why not get in touch with us to see how we could assist with your care staffing needs?

Service Benefits

24-hour availability

Fully Managed Service

Precise Profiling

Spot Checks

24-hour availability

No matter what time of the day, week or year you need assistance, our account managers are always on hand to deal with any problems or last-minute requests.

Fully Managed Service

Using our service can take some of the stress off your own organisation, both physically and financially. By managing the coordination and delivery of your staffing needs, Curant Care could help you cut up to 15% off your current agency spending.

Precise Profiling

To make sure our staff are the perfect fit for your requirements, we profile all our clients in advance so we can then match them up against our extensive staff database. We’ll sit down with you to discuss exactly what you need, from staff capabilities and qualifications through to shift patterns and services.

Feedback and Compliance

To make sure our staff are continuously meeting our high standards, we cooperate with our clients to perform regular spot checks for quality and consistency.

In order to ensure staff are continuously meeting our high standards, we elicit regular feedback from our clients, so we could identify any potential knowledge or skill gaps and provide adequate training to cover any such deficiencies. Furthermore, in order to ensure staff continue to remain competent in their jobs, we provide them necessary refresher trainings from time to time.

Recruitment and Vetting

Curant Care has a dedicated recruitment and vetting team who ensure that every applicant goes through a variety of compliance and experience checks before they are hired. Our rigorous recruitment process means that we hire only the very best healthcare staff. We look for candidates to demonstrate their clinical knowledge, but also that they exhibit our core values of commitment, empathy and learning.

Our stringent recruitment procedures include:

Agency Rota Management

Curant Care offers its clients a unique cloud-based shift management and tracking software that is designed to keep every part of the shift allocation, booking and the payroll process seamlessly integrated.

Through the Client portal, our clients can create vacancies, view the bookings, access digitally signed timesheets and invoices.




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