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Meet The Curant Care Family

Sibi Kumar

Chief Executive Officer

Sibi is the heart of the Curant care business, bringing more than a decade of experience within healthcare and other business industries, Sibi’s passion and enthusiasm for the business, motivates and drives his staff. Sibi invests highly in his staff and is always looking at ways to develop their careers. Sibi’s compassion and love travels not only throughout his team but to other small businesses, and charities within the area. Sibi is a big believer in giving back to your community and has continued to donated thousands of pounds to help grow and sustain local businesses.   Previously Sibi invested in the hospitality industry which led him from owning and operating several successful restaurants internationally.  After several years sibi was heavily influenced by healthcare professionals within his family which guided him to invest in a franchised healthcare agency. Sibi developed and grew the business which spread across 5 branches for several years before deciding to become independent. Curant Care was then born!

Shaina Kumar

Head of Operations

Shaina’s true passion and dedication to her role here at Curant Care, brings an intense wealth of experience to the team. Shaina thrives from developing her team and watching them accomplish their goals and targets. Shaina has an amazing understanding of the business and its needs. Shaina has bloomed though-out her career in the health & social care industry for over the last decade she has acquired roles such as, care assistant, team leader, senior management, and operations director of some of the UK’s leading domiciliary agencies and care homes. By profession Shaina is a psychotherapist, she completed her masters in sociology and MBA at the university of Cardiff.  Shaina’s meticulousness and focus on compliance from her past roles has led to her receiving the title of “turn around manager “in 2017.

Presley Bunting

Business Development Manager

Presley’s drive and focus is based around great customer service and business growth, Presley brings a sense of calm and stimulus to the Curant Care Family. Presley thrives in supporting the team and helping them towards their goals. Presley started his career in the health and social care industry just over 5 years ago, 3 of which were spent here at Curant care. Presley’s past careers have always been within the business and hospitality industry.  Presley has real sense of business growth and passion which is key to building the best possible foundations for a successful business.

Hannah Gould

Finance Manager

Hannah's precision and attentive is key to her role within Curant care as our financial manager, Hannah started her career within the company just over 2 years. Hannah comes from a background of customer service and media based positions. Hannah has the ability of analytical thinking which amplifies and drives our financial processes within Curant Care.

Maria Forzoni

Training Manager

Maria is the face of our training academy with years of experience within the health and social care setting, Maria sets the standard for the quality of care that is delivered to all of our clients. Maria ensures that all of our new and existing staff develop and gain the skills that they require, Maria invests highly in her students and encourages them to exceed their expectations.

Marge Cordrey

HR Manager

Marge is the leading HR manager within the business, Marge is the one that keeps all of our staff motivated and collocated. her skills have developed from leading managerial positions throughout her past careers. although marge is new to the team , having worked here at Curant care for just over a year, she plays a major role within the team, Marge is extremely self motivated and tranquil  induvial making her very approachable. 

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